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Zoosk.com is one of the oldest dating sites. Launched primarily to be an online classified ad platform for dating and traditional online classifieds. Between 1993-95 the site went full swing as an online classified ad platform managing a variety of dating sites worldwide, which shorty after granted lifetime free membership terms to its initial users, since then, its member has grown significantly and continues upward. Zoosk.com aims to provide its paying members with an optimal worthwhile experience, and so comes with a guarantee that if you don’t find your ideal match in six months, they’ll give you an additional 6-month membership free.


Signing up only takes a few minutes, simply provide your email address, date of birth, country, state, gender, sexual orientation and you’re all set! There is also an anonymous LGBT function upon registering. After establishing an account, you’ll be automatically redirected to the profile set up page, which is a short step-by-step process to fill in your profile with relevant details like height, body structure, relationship, personal details, and preferences. You’ll be directed to write a short (100 character) “About Me” description, and then you are required to upload a profile photo. There is no profile image approval, but users are expected to upload a decent image to the dating site. Once your profile is complete, email verification is not required, just log into your account using your login details. In terms of privacy, Zoosk implements security features to keep you protected.


In addition to sending messages, users who pay premium membership will have access to 2 extra functions: 1. MatchPhone MatchPhone allows you to call another user through a custom number assigned by Match. Upon selecting this feature, Zoosk administrators will connect you through an anonymous line so you can speak freely without being monitored. If things don’t go smoothly, you can block the user. 2. Match Me Through Match Me, you can be featured as the top pick results of another member. Through this option, you’ll be paired up with another member who shares the same or similar interests as you. The Match Me option is only accessible for premium paid memberships and who meet the search criteria.


If you wish to contact customer service, they offer several options: Email: you can send your question through their web contact form. According to the type of question, they will respond by email within 48 hours. Phone Support: this is a service available to premium members in the United States, the contact info is found via the login page. Online Chat: online chat service is available Monday through Friday – 8 am – 5 pm central time, simply click the “Chat Now” icon.


The intuitive features Zoosk.com offers makes it fun and possible for members to make a perfect match. Zoosk Dating ensures that premium paying members get the most out of their money through their Match Guarantee. And now the downside: according to user complaints,  their limited customer service leaves many unattended, especially when trying to solve problems through the mobile app version.

profile.jpg Jesse

Please don’t waste your money on this site! I paid for a service on this site that I did not get with daily numbers of fake profiles and likes. You will need to cancel your credit card to stop the subscription as Match.com takes takes takes.

profile.jpg Bob

Match.CON!! These people are well known for fraudulently taking money without permission and have been sued for other unlawful acts.

profile.jpg Sean

Complete scam!! when you're not a paid customer you'll get likes, when you're a paid customer you'll soon realize that it's just full of fake profiles probably set up by themselves.

profile.jpg John

Worst site I've ever signed up for! Full of scammers

profile.jpg Michael

Complete waste of time and money. I kept getting inappropriate types suggested in emails. Avoid at all costs. Garbage of the worst kind and this site should be taken down.

profile.jpg Alex

This is a rubbish dating site, they draw you in and then make it really hard to delete your profile. They keep taking money out of your account.

profile.jpg Ryan

I've used Match a while ago. It worked for me, no complaints! Obviously, it really depends on what you lookin' for.

profile.jpg Nick

I don't understand why people give Match.com all these bad reviews. It worked well for me.

profile.jpg Fred

I had a decent experience using match but I am not sure if everyone is real 🤔

profile.jpg Mark

It ok for what it is. Obviously it takes a long time to find someone who is the right match. And I ended up talking to girls who were not really my cup of tea. But then Im not looking for someone to marry in the next 2 months.

profile.jpg Peter

I would recommend you try this site alongside one of the other more "fun" sites. It is good for getting dates with a certain type of girl, and if you are wanting to settle down then I would certainly give it a try. I find some of the other sites much more fun though I must admit

profile.jpg Jonahthanson

i want sexysx

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