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If you are looking for an online dating paradise for selfie freaks, Badoo is the place for you. Badoo is an app that has recently arrived into the world of online dating and continues to grow in popularity with more than 350 million users and counting. The two main objectives of the platform are: That it is visually oriented, so you’re gonna want an excellent profile picture. It’s primary focus is hooking you up with people in your area. With geolocation as its main feature, Badoo is useful as a social network whereas it’ll find people nearby to meet in person.  The site is free to join on PCs as well as mobile devices however, it offers a premium version that costs $ 2.99. Badoo strongly recommends purchasing the premium version to optimize your experience. Although it’s free and relatively cheap, the kicker is that you will have to spend money on credits in order to contact people.


Signing up is easy, you can sign up by logging in as a Facebook user, or by creating a new account with a username/email and password. While registering, you’ll be given the option to find people within the Badoo community who’s already in your Facebook contact list, if you wish you can skip this step. You can buy credits at Badoo to use services like “Put me first” or “Focus of attention” these services will put you upfront to increase your popularity and therefore boost engagement. 


Trusted profile verification option. Fast registration process. The Lookalike feature uses face recognition to help discover other candidates who resemble the type of profile interest you are viewing. The gamification functions, including superpowers and popularity meter makes the site more entertaining. You can add photos and videos in public and private albums


Protection and security Badoo uses “reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect and prevent from loss, misuse and alteration of the information under its control, including your personal information” In a peer-reviewed study at the University of Cambridge in 2009, Badoo received the lowest privacy score among the 45 social networking sites examined. According to the Google transparency report published in 2014 regarding search removal requests derived from the “right to be forgotten” decision, Badoo had the fourth-highest number of URLs removed from Google Search. In February 2016, Badoo acquired LuLu, the mobile application that allows women to review and rate men anonymously.


It may come as a surprise that Badoo is an actual dating platform more than a decade old, but regardless of age, it has not fallen in popularity largely due to its visual appeal, rather than for the quality of the platform itself. If you are looking for an online dating application to see new faces, you can try it but we have found in addition to its poor privacy scores, etc a common problem with these massive platforms, which is that fake profiles are used for advertising purposes.  

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