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Friends-with-benefits.com caught on super fast thanks to its juicy name turning it into a social phenomenon in just a short period of time. 

Who wouldn’t want a “friend with benefits”? 

The magic behind FWB comes from the ease and comfort of meeting people on a friendly basis while more is around the corner. 

Friends With Benefits has grown into an unprecedented community of hundreds of thousands of liberal-minded participants who have mingled their way from friends into something more.

This no-pressure type of environment has ecstatic users across Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand turning into happy campers. 

Joining a site like friends with benefits opens the channels to meet an array of candidates that range from young, mature, divorced to college students. 

The premise “Friends'' allows users to casually chat their way into a casual date, a one-night stand, a short or long-term partner, etc. 

Who can go wrong at friends-with-benefits.com


Friends-with-benefits.com allows users to play without paying, simply register, create a profile and enjoy the promo version. 

  • Free Registration - FWB wants you to engage first to feel good about paying. 

  • Profile Etiquette - for an optimal dating experience, construct your profile into a "realistic show real" of who you are just as you’d come across in the real world. 

  • Bio/Sexual Preferences - provide intriguing information that’ll entice your visitors to interact composing a stimulating bio with endearing sexual preferences. 

  • Photo Album - we recommend creating a photo album that’ll entice visitors to ask questions such as travel, fitness, art, music, etc. 

Once your profile is nice and dandy, it’s time to interact with the platform features that’ll place you in the market. 

  • Bookmark Favorites -  bookmark your selection of girls or boys that you have an eye on, once marked as a “favorite” they will receive an alert.

  • Detailed Search - this feature allows you to find exactly what you fancy.

Users online range from casual, experimental, kinky to taboo so the detailed search option will be your best friend. 

These tips are essential to get the ball rolling so make sure to use them otherwise you’ll get buried due to inactivity, it’s an environment so get involved. 

Most importantly, approach every encounter as if you were dressing up for a party. 

Although your candidates will show interest, they don’t know you so use proper etiquette, introduce yourself with style even if the girls' photos are vulgar.

The logic behind being cool is that you’ll stand out against the typical “I’d like to tap that” comments which to most users is played out. 

Now, you’re all set to chat, flirt, meet and date like a pro. 

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  • PREMIUM USERS - after getting acquainted for free, become a premium user to tap into an array of benefits. 

  • Credits - purchase credits to gain exclusive power! 

Your credits will never expire so feel free to use them at your convenience. 

  • No Hidden Agendas - Friends with benefits is a no-hassle environment

*Unlike other sites that require “automatic monthly renewal” with friends with benefits there are no monthly fees or dues

Users downright deserve free registration, credits that never expire plus a no binding contract period! 

You are free which is why "friends with benefits" ranks so high.

  • Active For life - your account will stay active unless you cancel.

For instance, when hooked up with someone subsequently there’s no need to play on the platform, right? 

However, if there is a breakup down the line, your account and credits will be up and running for you to put yourself back in the market. 

  • Discreet - sensitive users are allowed to blur their photos. 


  • Cancellation - if at any time you wish to leave friends-with-benefits simply delete yourself, period!

*Please be mindful to delete yourself if you no longer intend to participate so there are fewer abandoned sites.

No Pressure, no difficulties, no hidden agendas WHAT A RELIEF! 


The response rate is 12 hours or less by a living person, not a machine, therefore, you won’t need to face a FAQ page that answers every question except yours, your concerns will be addressed directly. 

Friends-with-benefits.com uses its customer service practice as part of its research to enhance and upgrade its services, therefore, diligent and respectful staff members are eager to handle all inquiries.


Not everyone has dating skills, some people are shy, have a lack of confidence, or feel undesirable.

Therefore, friends with benefits has constructed a blog that offers free advice encompassing ALL relationship issues from how to flirt, how to increase libido, first date ideas, how to date after a break-up, how to overcome shyness, how to break the ice to reading body language. 

The reference sources are so powerful that it will not only improve your relationship skills “it will benefit your overall life in general” 

These professional articles are designed to encourage those who are going through anything in life (even death) with new tools to handle and see things differently.

Life is relationship-based and friends-with-benefits understands this! 


Our job is to rank dating sites based on their overall efficiency.

We despise sites with hidden agendas and therefore friends-with-benefits ranks number 1.

A site like friends with benefits that contains a built-in “no commitment to join or cancel policy” demonstrates the site as being an exclusive powerhouse. 

Casually flirting from friends into something more has pleased users worldwide making them rave about friends-with-benefits and so will you!

profile.jpg mike

I’ve been registered for a year now and couldn’t be happier. There are many women, not all of them reply of course, but with a little patience, persistence, and a bit of pestering haha some of them bite hahaha

profile.jpg josh_69

I was really surprised, I didn't expect to be because on sites like this I've never been able to find anyone decent or meet a real woman. Here at least they don’t waste your time like on some of the other sites similar to this. You're not going to fuck three women in a day, but it's not like there's anything that gives you that anyway, except for going to the hookers

profile.jpg Paul

I was suprised by this site. I met some really nice girls on here, and had some fun.

profile.jpg Mark_72

I had a great time on here. So much easier to meet people than Tinder.

profile.jpg Peter

I have tried several sites and I think this is one of the best so far. Like many sites I think it has a few fake profiles on there, and some of the girls were perhaps bots. Their answers were a bit strange. But i met a few really nice girls. i think if Covid wasnt here we would meet up much quicker. It is still nice to talk to them. I wish the panel was a bit easier to use. But generally, I really like it.

profile.jpg Michael

Not really my cup of tea. No one really interested in long term relationships, they all just want to meet up.

profile.jpg Patrick

Some good bits, some bad like all of the sites. If you keep on going it can be fun. I wish there was a way I could block some of the girls though.

profile.jpg Jez64

I love this site. I have been a member since the early days. It's definitely a bit more difficult to find the perfect match now, there are too many other blokes competing against me I guess. the girls I chat to are always fun. And we cant meet up now anyway so it is a good way to pass an evening when i am alone.

profile.jpg Lucas02

I hate this site. Utter rubbish. Like all of them.

profile.jpg Nickolas

Good, I enjoyed chatting with different people. It was a good experience

profile.jpg Sean

generally good, have had a few dates, some good some bad and some carrying a lot of baggage and mental issues. It's much the same as all the others. good luck

profile.jpg Johnny

Took a long time but got there in the end.

profile.jpg Iann

Some strange people on the site but I found my diamond in the ruff

profile.jpg Luka

It was a hard work finding the right person. I had to go on dates with a few frogs but just when I was giving up found some one who is amazing . Very happy now.

profile.jpg Jairo

I've never had a problem. The site ain't perfect but there are real women on I have met a few in the past. But don't be silly and use your common sense and you should be fine!

profile.jpg John

I keep coming back to this site. Sometimes the oldest ones are best. Always delivers for me. Keep up the good work!

profile.jpg Ash

I don't know why there are so many good reviews about this site. I texted 10 girls and asked for a date as I wanted something to do on a Saturday night. Not one of them came back to me to meet up. More fake believers in covid with reasons not to meet up.

profile.jpg James

Maybe you should try talking to just one at a time @Ash. You might get more lucky.

profile.jpg Sammy68

This one is my favourite out of the ones tried on this list. There must be more though surely? Are you planning to try out others to recommend?

profile.jpg Marc28

I am no longer active on this site but I was in the past. It is one of the best affair websites. I also know for a fact that you can meet women through a good hookup site like this.

profile.jpg meet men

You need to be a part of a contest for one of the best blogs on the net. I will highly recommend this blog!

profile.jpg Kerry

I constantly spent my half an hour to read this website's posts every day along with a mug of coffee.

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