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Ashley Madison launched in 2001 as a swingers site for partners and married couples to engage in discreet extramarital experiences. 

Currently, Ashley Madison still maintains a swinger's environment for short-term sexual encounters but has opened its doors to monogamous, polygamous, and open relationships.

Ashley Madison’s iconic name has made things easy for the platform to grow into the millions with organic user trust.  

Ashley’s repertoire has gained her an instant worldwide fanbase with major traffic coming from states such as the UK, the US, Canada and Brazil.

The site mainly attracts middle-aged users with 7% between the ages of 18 - 29 

Ashley Madison has maintained one of the strongest and unique sites worldwide. 


The registration process is free and gets straight to business requesting that you upload a photo to get started. 

First-time users are relieved that the registration process does not require sensitive personal information due to its sexual nature.

Furthermore, you can establish a promo account to get acquainted before upgrading. 

To get your account up and running simply specify your current relationship status, sexual orientation, and general profile settings such as height, weight, body type, ethnicity, limits, etc 

Similar to what all dating sites expect, providing honest profile information benefits the user to get what they’ve signed up for. 

The site's kinky nature allows users to blur their photos for a discreet experience.


User privacy, anonymity, discretion, and safety is the backbone of the site, therefore the site works independently so won’t ask that you register nor link your account through any other type of network.

Your inbox is your main contact source with convenient control options such as sending automated replies via the“quick response” feature and instant messaging.

Women can send all the messages that they desire for free but the kicker is men must pay. 

The platform is “winks and favorites” friendly making the site manageable and entertaining. 


Ashleymadison.com is a highly protected site backed by the “Privacy From Design” excellence certification that was developed by former Ontario data and privacy commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian. 

However, user customer support suffers due to bots doing all the work.  

Removing human interactions affects the overall quality of any site making it difficult for users to address concerns. 


Ashley Madison is a worldwide top-notch platform.

From its original design for the married adventurous into something incredible today. 

However, the mega-platform suffers from inactive abandoned profiles that are not de-platformed so users face glitches.

The site is also under suspicion of having fake and spam profiles due to user feedback and reviews.

profile.jpg Sean

Lots of escorts. If you have the time to sift and sort through all the spam profiles and have the money to spend in order to chat with others, it could be entertaining.

profile.jpg Nathan

Crappy website with Crappy people & Crappy customer service. Period!

profile.jpg Alex

There are tons of scammers and escorts! I was VERY disappointed in this site. You will get tons of messages asking for your email address or cell number. Many fake photos.

profile.jpg Bobby

Waste of money! Extremely difficult to get a conversation never mind anything else. It’s funny how you start to get messages just as your credit is about to run out!!

profile.jpg Tom

AshleyMadison is full of scammers! It's very unsafe. You can have people stalking you, exposing your correspondence, ruining your reputation.

profile.jpg Albert

Fake profiles and bots are used to make you deplete credits. Con artists make money by blackmailing and ruining your reputation.

profile.jpg Frank

This site is NOTHING but a SCAM. Don't waste your money on these low life scumbags that run this site. If you don't believe me, then waste your money like I did.

profile.jpg Seb

A waste of time and money unless you enjoy receiving fake messages from bots or being scammed but con artists.

profile.jpg Jacob

This site is full of scams very few genuine women. Avoid like the plague

profile.jpg Mark

I liked some of the girls here. Website easy enough to use. Was a bit expensive but all these sites are. Not met up with anyone yet but I´m hoping to meet up with one that I am talking to now once Covid is over.

profile.jpg John


profile.jpg honson


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