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Tinder is an application that has changed the game of mobile dating. It’s simplistic, direct and attractive online dating platform has been the object of public attention for its rapid popularity. Since its launch has generated 9 million dating matches, however, Tinder has caused controversy with practices such as: the dehumanization of profiles to standard-based only on physical attraction, plus charging different prices based on age violating price discrimination laws. Charging different prices is not ethical especially with a Timber user base of 25 million members, available in 24 languages (sadly many are fake) Tinder has more than 1 million “Tinder Plus” (unfortunately many profiles are fake)


Registration and login process. Tinder registration is very simple, the problem is that it requires a Facebook account. To register, you must authorize Tinder to connect through your Facebook account and accept the company’s terms of use, including allowing the application to access your location. From Facebook, Tinder will extract your name, age and profile picture and geolocate you to automatically complete your profile, once registered, you can choose your own profile image and up to five secondary images of your choice:

Tinder accesses the same folders as Facebook (mobile uploads, profile images, and customizes gender settings through your info) Until recently, you could only upload photos to Tinder through Facebook photos, but now you’re allowed to upload photos directly from your mobile phone. As long as you remain connected to Facebook, you will not be asked to log in again, you’ll be automatically logged-into Tinder.

Whenever logged off, simply click on the “sign in with Facebook” option (the same way you did during registration) to log in again. How does Tinder work? Tinder is a networking and online dating application that allows users to anonymously swipe to like or dislike other profiles based on their photos, a small bio, and common interests. Once two users have “matched ” they can exchange messages. You are presented with profiles of people who fit you through sex, age, interest and location preferences. Swipe left or click “X” to indicate that you are not interested in the person and slide to the right to indicate that you are interested.

Once two people slide to the right or “like” each other, a match is created and the opportunity for an individual chat conversation is created. Although Tinder promotes serious encounters and members do follow suit in that nature, the majority see Tinder as a place to flirt, and therefore the convenience to simply slide your finger tends to accelerate the dating process, and since what is seen is visually stimulating, it subsequently leads to encounters with trolls.  


Quick registration and profile settings. Easy to understand interface and functions. Option to connect Instagram account showing Instagram feed. Facebook connection requirements provide secured verification and profile  authenticity. Super Like and Tinder Boost options will increase your chances of matching. Tinder Passport allows you to pair with members in different areas before being physically there. Massive growing user base.


Tinder’s privacy policy states that the company takes “security measures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access and disclosure,” however, the site recognizes that no digital platform can guarantee 100% security and directs those concerned to the Federal Trade Commission website for more information on how to protect yourself against identity theft. From 2014 to 2016, Tinder has faced multiple privacy issues as engineers discovered several ways to identify a user’s location through the application, to date, all privacy flaws have been corrected.


If you’re looking for a night of adventure then Tinder is obvious. Tinder reports creating a convenience score for each member, however, we have yet to see the fruits of this, and while Tinder boast upon a huge user base, we have verified that much is not real. This coupled with the lack of privacy tied to Facebook, along with price discrimination means that we can only rank it second place.

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