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+1713 is by-far one of the most dynamic dating sites of today.

With a name like friends with benefits, you can easily see why it caught on so fast and continues to spark.

What started just a couple of years ago as a humble attempt for friends to get something more, has become a social phenomenon, with a growing community of hundreds of thousands of committed users across Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and counting.

Therefore, it’s easy to see that Friends with benefits stands in a class by itself.

The beauty of the site is being able to find people of varied preferences ranging from mature men, women, executives, boring housewives to college girls.

Obviously, Friends with benefits means to explore your pleasures along with the natural possibilities for something more, stable, different, etc.

The overall drive of the site comes from the wide range of liberal-minded people wishing simply to enjoy their sexuality.

At, everyone is quite clear about what the deal is.

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Unlike other sites with, you can start interacting without paying, simply create your profile and begin.

  • Registration is free: intuitive and takes seconds to complete.
  • Create Profile: the platform encourages making your profile outstanding as your profile “is you” so by doing things accordingly like: listing sexual preferences, a short bio, uploading sharp photos, etc. you’ll be able to put yourself out there with class and connect.
  • Photo Album: not only can you upload a general profile photo along with a few pics like other sites, but you can also create a photo album.
  • Bookmark Favorites: a great feature is being able to bookmark the girls or boys that you like, once bookmarked, those who you have chosen will receive an alert.
  • Detailed Search: the detailed search field allows you to find exactly what you are looking for, from casual, kinky to taboo. 

Once registered, all that is needed is time to marinate into the system, we won’t pretend that is magic, you will have to work to get the ball rolling, receiving messages, interact, etc.

With that said, don’t be like the many who set up dull profiles with no photo, it’s up to you to make the best impression.

Remember this fact, all sites facilitate the possibility to meet people, how to make it happen is up to you.


One of the factors that make friends-with-benefits superior is that to be a premium user won’t require paying monthly fees like the vast majority of sites who push automatic monthly renewal. 

All that is required is credits which you can use whenever you wish, with no limits, Friends with benefits credits never expire, nor there is a contract that binds you, you are free!

This was thought out carefully to never pressure anyone, you can date and take breaks returning to your credit balance whenever.

To enforce the platforms no headaches, no difficulties, no hidden agendas, if at any time you wish to leave friends-with-benefits just delete yourself, period!.

Another beauty is that for the users who wish to be discreet, they can blur their photos, that’s right! you can control how you are seen and therefore attract those who are serious. 

This feature provides peace of mind and privacy so your identity and wishes are protected inside and outside the platform.

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Customer service is a priority and therefore efficient.

The response rate is 12 hours or less for any inquiry, never values one type of inquiry over another. 

As custumer service should be, friendly, diligent and respectful, this means: no talking to machines nor having to resort to a FAQ section where your question is never listed.

As you can see, this platform did its research and thrives to be the best.

With its affordable prices and no bullshit policy, FWB stands solid as the most pro-active community on the net.


We can emphatically state that the “friends-with-benefits blog” is one of the best sexual/relationship reference sources.

Its professional articles help to encourage those going through anything from getting a grip on how to date online, how to flirt, and even blogs to help minimize damages from a breakup and so on….


Friends-with-benefits ranks at the forefront of the online dating spectrum with a no trap policy unlike many of its competitors.  

Perhaps that is why it has built itself as a standard, catered to being a no-commitment casual sex brand throughout the internet.

Flirting with people through a clear and intuitive platform has never been so easy, therefore we have no choice but to rank it “first place”

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  1. Selena says:

    I’ve finally found a dating page that works the way I like

  2. René says:

    Very happy … I have found several women . Miracles do not exist, but is the best way to find a woman…

  3. Penman says:

    I tried several dating websites and it is one of the few that worked for me, I do not regret anything, I love women and in this site there are a lot of matures.

  4. Willy_Nab says:

    I am a man who travels a lot between many countries and believe me if I tell you that I have managed to connect with many women in Friend with benefits, I do not know if it works in the all cities but im very happy, it shows that it has a lot of years on the internet, there are many profiles and they are looking for the same as me.